Large Bridal and Two Small Bridal Lamps
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Large Bridal Lamp

-willow frame, sticks natural colour

-off-white organza with beaded and embroidered flowers and mirrorwork, lined with off-white fine linen

-top decorated with bridal flowers, organza rags and pearl-colour beads

-bottom decorated with wired white and cream beaded flowers

-illuminated by 40 watt light bulb

-1.35m tall (53 inches)

Two Small Bridal Lamps

Each lamp is:

-a willow frame, sticks sprayed silver

-covered with silver starred netting, swirled over plain white net lining

-top decorated with 5 silver puffed stars on wire, and luxurious white feathers

-illuminated by 40 watt light bulb

-91cm tall (3 feet)