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- red, yellow, orange and gold, glittering illuminated sunrise, measuring 12 x 6 feet, assembled and constructed at Lady Bay Open Studios, May 2005, from a huge collection of recycled materials gathered over 5 years

-over 100 participants, and 14 helpers decorated:

-60-70 willow hoops as sunspots, mounted on chicken-wire backboard .

-17/18 chicken-wire triangles decorated as sunrays, attached to the sun's body

-sunspots and sunrays also decorated at other gatherings of friends and family in Summer 2000, and Winter Solstice 2002.

-recycled materials included, sparkling where possible: Christmas wrapping paper and tinsel, cellophane, sweet wrappers, fabric, oranges and lemons netting, tissue paper, onion sacks, angel-hair, carrier bags, curling ribbon, pipe-cleaners

-illuminated with red rope-light or spotlights - depending on venue for best effect

On July 10th 2005, it was exhibited at the Sneinton Arts Trail, Nottingham. Available for loan or exhibition.

Email me for details: