The Three Forerunners
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My first 3 tipi lamps, made as samples, all approximately 61cms tall (2feet)

Red Lamp

-willow frame, sticks dyed black

-covered in red fabric embroidered with black flowers

-top decorated with red sequins and beads

-illuminated by a string of 20 red fairy lights suspended inside

Gold Lamp

-willow frame, sticks natural colour

-covered with gold embossed fabric with mayflower pattern

-decorated with different gold beads hung around the top with gold metallic thread, and metallic braid round the top and bottom

-illuminated by a string of 20 white fairy lights suspended inside

Green Lamp

-copper wire frame

-covered with green Asian silk

-decorated at the top with 5 glass heart

-shaped beads, and at the bottom with an embroidered panel of metallic gold flowers and mirrors

-illuminated by a string of 20 green fairy lights suspended inside